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Susan Cowden, MS

Robyn Lawley Doesn't Reveal Her Weight

By October 10, 2012

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Congratulations are in order for Robyn Lawley who has recently become the first plus-size model for Ralph Lauren - a designer who has been criticized in the past for ad campaigns featuring ridiculously thin, photoshopped models.  You can watch an interview with Robyn Lawley on 'Good Morning America' here.

Robyn is honest with her journey through modeling - actually stopping her career as a model because of the constant pressure to lose weight or to look like other models and is vulnerable about her own struggles with disordered eating.

I love the fact that, in the interview, she is honest about her height and her size, but that she doesn't reveal her weight.  Numbers such as weight can be so triggering for people struggling with eating disorders and chronic dieting that it simply isn't helpful to know the weights of other people - especially people in the media or celebrities. I would probably love it even more if we didn't know what her size is - or that she is considered 'plus-size' by the modeling world.

This idea that we don't have to talk about our weight or even know our weight, for that matter, is a radical shift from the diet- and fat-talk that has become so prevalent in our society.  How many times have you heard people comment about how much weight they have gained/lost or what foods they should/shouldn't eat?  How do you remove yourself from such conversations and keep them from getting into your head?

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