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Susan Cowden, MS

Eating Disorders May 2012 Archive


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Reader E-Mail: "Where Can I Find Treatment?"

Friday May 18, 2012
I got an e-mail from a reader this week asking for information about treatment providers in his local area. Unfortunately, I don't have a list of the best eating disorder ... Read More

Should You Try Yoga?

Wednesday May 16, 2012
Pressures to conform one's body to the 'thin ideal' are extremely prevalent in our society today - so much so that it is considered somewhat 'normal' to be unsatisfied and ... Read More

Eating Disorders Increase Risk of Dying Prematurely

Thursday May 10, 2012
In case you didn't already know, eating disorders can be deadly. A new, extremely large-scale study on the topic was presented this week at the American Psychiatric Association's annual conference ... Read More

Dance UK Hosts Disordered Eating Conference

Monday May 7, 2012
I was excited to read that members of the dance industry in the United Kingdom are having an important conversation about eating disorders this past week.  In response to research ... Read More

8th Grader Petitions Seventeen Magazine

Saturday May 5, 2012
Kudos to Julia Bluhm, an 8th grader from Waterville, Maine.  She has recently begun a crusade to petition Seventeen Magazine to include at least one unaltered (completely real) photo spread ... Read More

New Course for Doctors on Eating Disorders

Friday May 4, 2012
The American Medical Association has recently released a new online continuing education course entitled Screening and Managing Eating Disorders in Primary Practice.  It is currently available through the AMA's website.  ... Read More

A Change of Heart for Vogue?

Wednesday May 2, 2012
In stark contrast to the controversial 'Diet Mom" article, published only months ago, it seems Vogue may have had a change of heart regarding the promotion of eating disorder behaviors.  ... Read More

1,000 Lives Plus Lauches Eating Disorder Program

Wednesday May 2, 2012
1,000 Lives Plus, a program aimed at improving the quality of healthcare in Wales in the United Kingdom, has launched a new program specific to eating disorders.  It is estimated ... Read More

"Thinspo" is Banned by Instagram

Tuesday May 1, 2012
Joining the ranks of Pinterest and Tumblr, photo-sharing site Instagram has released a new policy banning pro-eating disorder photographs from being posted.  The new guidelines state that users must not ... Read More

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