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Guidelines for Reader Submissions

The Dos & Don'ts of Telling Your Story


Updated January 30, 2013

Guidelines for Reader Submissions


Being able to publish content written by readers like you is a wonderful way to connect readers together and to make people who are struggling with eating disorders and their families feel less alone. However, it is also important to remember that all submissions will be edited for content prior to publication online. If you are interested in seeing your story on this site, please keep in mind the following guidelines as you write.


  • No pro-ana, pro-mia, or pro-eating disorder stories, information or photographs will be published. This site is a place for sufferers, family members, and the general public to get information and support for recovery, not get encouragement for disordered behaviors.
  • No submissions that encourage self-harm or suicidal behaviors will be published.
  • Refrain from detailing specific eating disorder behaviors. For example, rather than specifying how you purge, simply use generic terms such as "when I was purging." Your story should not be a 'how-to' guide of eating disorder behaviors.
  • Refrain from using numbers such as weights, sizes or measurements. Every body is different and it is unhelpful for others to know any numbers that specifically pertain to you. For example, rather than saying "I entered treatment at xx weight," you can say "I entered treatment at my lowest weight."
  • Please don't use identifying information - your own or that of others. Not only do I want to protect your confidentiality but it is also inappropriate to list specific therapists, physicians, or treatment centers in this space. If you want to talk about your experience with a specific treatment provider, please use the forum.
  • It should go without saying, but please refrain from using profanity or vulgar language in your posts.


  • Tell us what has been helpful in your recovery. Was it a specific type of therapy, group therapy, family support, or trying medication? Tell us what has made a difference for you.
  • Tell us what motivates you. Is it your own health? Or was it a loved one's concern? How do you stay motivated to stay in recovery?
  • Stay on topic. If your submission is in response to a question about medical complications you may have experienced, please don't use the space for another purpose.
  • Be honest and open. One of the reasons reader submissions are anonymous is to encourage readers to be honest about both their struggles and recovery. You do not need to paint a picture that recovery has been perfect or without troubles. Include the things that trip you up.
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