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Coping and Support to Recover from an Eating Disorder


Recovery from an eating disorder is likely the most difficult thing you or your loved one will ever do. Learning new ways to cope is integral to the process. Here you will find ideas to help you or your loved one in recovery and support for families and friends of someone with an eating disorder.
  1. Coping Skills
  2. For Family & Friends
  3. Surviving Holidays & Seasonal Stressors

Coping Skills

Learning new coping skills is one of the most important pieces of recovery. Although these quick tips don't replace your therapist they can give you new strategies.

For Family & Friends

Supporting a loved one who has an eating disorder is incredibly difficult. Learn more about how to take care of yourself and how to support your friend or family member.

Surviving Holidays & Seasonal Stressors

Holidays and specific seasons can prove to be extremely triggering and anxiety provoking to eating disorder sufferers. Use these tips to survive and thrive.

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