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For Family & Friends of Someone with an Eating Disorder

Information and resources on how to approach and support your loved one, who is struggling with an eating disorder.

How to Talk to a Friend
How to talk to a friend who you believe may be struggling with an eating disorder.

What Not to Say to Someone With Anorexia or Bulimia
Even with the best of intentions, there are some things that simply should not be said. This is that list. Learn what can be unhelpful and how to can actually be harmful to recovery.

What Not To Say To Someone With Binge Eating Disorder
If you have a loved one with binge eating disorder and want to be supportive, then this is the list of things NOT to say.

10 Things to Stop Doing if Your Adolescent Has an Eating Disorder
10 things you may be doing but shouldn't if you want to help support your adolescent in their recovery.

10 Ways to Support Your Adolescent With an Eating Disorder
Learn more about how to help support your son or daughter throughout the recovery process.

Eating Disorders 101
Teachers and coaches have the responsibility of watching out for problems and challenges that their students are facing each year. If you are a teacher or coach that works with adolescents or young adults, I urge you to learn about eating disorders of all types and work to create a body-positive environment in your school.

Parenting an Athlete
Elite athletes are at a higher risk for developing eating disorders. It is important for parents to be educated about this risk and stay involved.

What Parents Need to Know About Thinspos
"Thinspos" or thinspiration are dangerous websites, photos and blogs which promote the development and maintenance of eating disorders. Important information that parents need to know in order to keep their adolescents safe.

Holiday Gift Guide
Wanting to choose a gift for a loved one who is recovering from an eating disorder? Here are a few ideas that help support recovery and show how much you care.

Choosing an Eating Disorder Treatment Facility for Your Child or Adolescent
Learn what questions to ask and which options are available to consider.

10 Ways to Support a Friend With an Eating Disorder
Learn more about how you can be supportive of recovery and help a friend who is suffering.

Five Healthy Body Resolutions for Everyone
Resolutions about losing weight and dieting can be harmful to yourself and those around you. Here are five healthy resolutions that don't involve losing weight or 'eating right.'

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